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I have a wireless network set up with Linksys WRT54G and an older Thinkpad with a D-Link adapter card. Security installed, everything works fine. Now I just bought a new Acer notebook which of course has 80211g installed, and I want to add it to the network. I need some real simple instructions--all I find on the web is complicated, looks out of date, or assumes I'm starting from scratch.

Do I need to install the Linksys hardware to the new computer, and then go ahead using the Easy Install routine or the wizard? Do I have to connect to the router with an ethernet cable untill I get it installed?

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I would say you do not need to install the Linksys hardware or any of its software.

First ensure that any security software on both machines such as NIS is either disabled or has each comps ISP approved to run on the network.

Then just plod through the wizard on the new machine.

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its really simple. Connect the lappy to the router with an ethernet cable, disable wireless and configure the standard network interface to DHCP, and check that it connects ok. This ensures that your laptop's networking is set up properly.

Then remove the cable and enable the wireless interface. Go to the wireless config screens, ensure the same security settings are used as on your thinkpad, and it should connect.

Euh, you don't need to install /any/ hardware on the new computer.

No idea what Easy Install is, but I'd guess some sort of wizard for the linksys router. Its irrelevant for your laptop/

Mark McIntyre

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Mark McIntyre

Thanks for your help. I turned on the new laptop downstairs and it picked up several networks in the neighborhood, but not the one that's installed upstairs. I'll move it upstairs, which is where it's going to live anyway, and see if it gets the right one.

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