Any way to extend range of internal wireless PCI card in PC?

I assume things like a Hawking antennas are normally placed on a router.

Can they be connected to a remote Desktop PC as well? Example: One on the wireless router and one on the wireless (remote - another part of house) PC to gain maximum ability to pick up a signal? Or does it just need to be on the router?

Are there any products without changing to USB (where you can put unit on top of a table or move it around a little) to provide a better signal off the PC Wireless PCI Card antenna (back of PC)? Perhaps take that antenna off of PC and attach a cable that can extend

3 feet perhaps to an antenna type base on top of a table or somewhere...I am sking if such a product exists or should I just go USB to get antenna where it needs to be?

Thanks, Patty

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Patty Amas
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You didnt say what kind of pc card, but linksys offers an antenna stand with 6 foot cable...........

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and the antenna
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This is linksys specific though. Each manufacturer has a differnet antenna connection (by fcc rules) so you may have to buy a pigtail with the proper connections on both ends.


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Netgear also has a card that clames an external antenna, the WAG311. I am in the market for a PCI card myself but will probably go for the less expensive WG311T, as I live in a small condo and don't need the added range.


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