Need advice, is my router dying?

I have a Linksys G router, about 3 yrs old. It has worked fine for those three years too. Now I'm experiencing these symptoms:

  1. On a re-boot, the computer can't find my wireless network. This is true for all the computers in my home.
  2. After awhile it does find the network but it says that the settings don't match what's saved on the computer.
  3. Sometimes I do get a signal, and I can connect and it brings up my homepage. But then that connection goes on and off numerous times in the session. Loading webpages takes forever or just cuts out.

I've tried many times powering the router up and down as well as the cable modem. Tried new network cable too. My computer is picking up all the neighbors networks whereas, sometimes, I can't see my own. This has been going on now for 2-3 days.

Is my router dying?


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If reflashing the firmware doesn't cure what ails it, I'd have to say yes. Sounds like that's the last thing you haven't tried. And if that doesn't work, wrap it with a bow and leave it on your worst enemy's doorstep, and buy another one.

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Jonathan L. Parker

Without the model number it's rather pointless to guess.

It might be possible for it's configuration to have gotten corrupted. Resetting it back to factory defaults might at least give you a "known good" starting point from which to start over. With the actual model number it'd be possible to suggest how to reset it...

Routers and computers do die. Lots of cheap capacitors and other components out there...

Fortunately these things are relatively inexpensive to replace. Looks like time for you to do some shopping. By the time you figure out what's wrong with yours you'd certainly burn through that much of your time, assuming it has at least some value. Check with your local gov't and see if they've got a tech recycling program. Don't just dump into into a landfill.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

Found the answer - - Changed the channel to 11 and everything is working fine again. I guess maybe one of my neighbors used the same channel and maybe our 2.4ghz wireless phones were creating issues.


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