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I had a headache of a time getting a friend's new laptop with Vista to connnect with his hope computer with XP Pro using Remote Desktop. I could not get into the Linksys to set port forwarding and finally realized it was set for instead of

I am not well versed on these things but curious why whoever set it up would use this instead of the default.

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Don Harvey
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"Don Harvey" hath wroth:

Answering questions is much easier if you would kindly disclose the Linksys router model number.

Assuming this was done intentionally, it may be because:

  1. VPN requires that the local network class-c IP block be different from the destination IP block. If one is connecting into a corporate LAN at, then the local network could be
  2. It may have been the result of someone returning the router and not resetting the settings. I make it a point of punching the reset button and resetting to defaults when I get a new router. Returns are far to common.
  3. The selection of may have been to replace a Beklin router, which uses

However, something is odd here. Unless you're trying to setup your wireless network with static IP addresses, you should not need to juggle or even look at IP addresses.

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Jeff Liebermann

Gosh, I change the default Gateway with every router that I setup. I think of it as one more step to subvert the hackers. If someone that does not know what they are doing, they will first attack . I think that if they are sniffing, I am going to make them run through the gambit.

Dave H.

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Thanks Dave, Jeff

It is a Linksys WRT54g on a home network with 2 computers. He bought a laptop and wanted to access via RemoteDesktop.

Never messed with this stuff very much. Only other thing I did on my office computer was change the default port from 3389 and also added security. Never looked at the default gateway and now going to take a look at that also.

"DH" >connnect with his hope computer with XP Pro using Remote Desktop. I could

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