Wireless G Router Linksys WRT54GC v2.0 (ext.antenna) slows down internet

This is not a question. This is info for Linksys router users!

Internet is full of questions about routers that slow down internet so I decided to tell you this: about 90% there is a problem with your router not laptop or desktop wifi card! In last two weeks I have tried

6 different routers (BelkinX2, Linksys, Edimax, Dell and D-LINK). 4 of them were facory errored! I have 10 Mbit/sec broadband internet.

Both Belkin was almost dead (2 month old and just bought) - speed throu router (no difference between wired and wifi) ~ 0.5 Mbit/sec

Linksys worked better ~ 3-4 mbit/sec

Edimax almost perfect!!!

Dell (best of faulty) ~ 6 Mbit/sec

D-LINK works perfect! No special configuration. Plug and play!

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