Is my router dying?

I have a Linksys router, WRT150N, which lately has been losing its WiFi signal. If I power down for 15 seconds it will come back up, but a couple of days later it will do it again. Sometimes it will spontaneously die for a few minutes and come back up on its own. I am pretty sure it never did this before, or if it did, it was too rare to notice. Is it starting to fail or might it be something else?

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Robert Peirce
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It sounds like interference. Can you eliminate the problem by moving the wireless client closer to the router?

What exactly is happening to make you think the wireless signal is dying?

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Char Jackson


I agree. It sounds like interference. Also try a different channel (1, 6, or 11) to see if it helps. If you're using 40MHz 802.11n, you're stuck on Ch 6.

Make sure the WRT150N has the latest greatest firmware.

Good question. It could also be the unspecified client computer that's going into standby or power save, and not recovering.

Also, check the log files for which machine is initiating the disconnect. You'll need the latest firmware as early versions had problems with logs.

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