Connection with Linksys router has become unstable

Hi there, we have a wireless Linksys WRT300N router which has worked out fine until now. For some weeks ago I became annoyed while playing online because of a lagspike every second minute approx. So we tried to change channel from 11 to 7, and it went ok, not so many lagspikes and not as heavy as before.

But yesterday I noticed it went slow on channel 7, so I switched back to 11. It was still slow here. I always thought it was my ISP who was having problems, but I pinged the router and it seems the connection between my adapter and the router is VERY unstable and slow. I tried around 4-5 different channels, but I kinda gave up.

When I ping the router, the latency varies from 1ms -> 400ms, averaging

50-60ms. Some packets are lost, too. I don't know what to do anymore so I found this forum via google and I'm hoping for the best :)

Thanks in advance!

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