My laptop keeps changing channels from 6 to 11


I have a wireless Linksys router and at first when my laptop connects to it the channel number is 6 and I can browse the net with no problems. After a while (could be senconds or minutes, no fixed time) it suddenly changes channels and goes to channel 11 and internet doesn't work anymore.

Everytime this happens, I have to unplug the power cable from the router and plug it again and that fixes the problem for sometime then same thing happens again.

Why is that happening and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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Several possibilities:

Your unspecified model Linksys router has the channel selection set to "auto". In theory, it looks for an empty channel to use. When you lose connection, turn off the laptop, or hear some interference, the router disconnects and goes hunting for a new channel. Set it to channel 6 and it won't move.

Another possibility is that when your laptop loses a connection, it goes hunting for a better wireless signal. That could easily be the neighbors system, which explains why you can't browse the net. Make sure your router SSID is unique and that you have WPA or WPA2 encryption enabled. Your unspecified operating system wireless client may also have the "connect to any available network" set, where any includes the neighbors.

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