Motorola WR850G

I have installed a WR850G that seems to be working in all situations except one. When uploading files to a website using WS_FTPLE, it will only send 2560 bytes and then stop. The computer uploads fine when plugged directly into the DSL modem or on dialup. Any ideas?


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What firmware do you have installed in the WR850G? The latest from Motorola is 6.1.4. If otto date, download, read the release notes, and install:

If you've installed an alternative firmware version such as DD-WRT, please disclose the version number.

For your unspecified version of WS_FTPLE, try using the PASV mode in the sessions properties windows and see if that helps. Also try a different FTP client program to see if there's something odd about WS_FTP. It's probably the WR850G that's causing problems but it doesn't hurt to be sure.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks for your help. The FTP passive mode was ON, so I tried turning it OFF and now it works.

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