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A search on google Netgear router slows returns 3590 hits. Most of them experience the same condition as you describe. My router has very minor effect on my throughput. My suggestion would be to try a different brand.

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I got and installed a NETGEAR WGR614v4 Wireless Router a few days ago. I got it so I could share my internet connection with my girlfriends laptop.

Anyways after we stopped using it I disabled the wireless capabilities of the router since no one should be using it anyways. That night I downloaded a rather large file from some website and in DU meter I noticed my connection was maxing out at about 644kbps, when I'm usually maxing out my connection at 1.5mbps.

I'm on SBC DSL, and I even messed with the MTU in the router and changed it from the default of 1500 to 1492 which it recommended for PPoE connections which mine is, but it still didnt change anything.

To confirm that the router is the culprit I unhooked my router and plugged my DSL modem directly into my computer as it had always been before, and I redownloaded the same file again and I was getting my 1.5mbps top speed again.

Anyone have some advice on what the problem could be?

Another problem I noticed was that while I was connected to the internet via my router, I would have no problem checking my email in outlook express, but when I went to check newsgroups the windows internet dialer would pop up asking me to connect to the internet. Which is odd considering that I should already be connected via my router. Anyways for now I have unconnected my router for now.

John DeLaGarza

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John DeLaGarza


I sometimes got the speed slow down before I have my Netgear Router, after all, I figured out that the DSL modem need to reboot (unplug the power) when I see the speed drops down (recommand at least 1 time per month).


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