Linksys WRT54GL + modem/router?

I've been using a Billion modem/router up until now, but wanted to go wireless. I bought a Linksys WRT54GL because it came recommended from a few friends...but now I can't get it to work.

with ethernet cable:

- laptop + Billion is fine.

- laptop -> Linksys -> Billion: I can successfully ping ip addresses but not domain names (ie no dns resolution)

I can't find any hint of a wireless signal.

I rang my ISP's (EFHBroadband) support. I told him how it was all set up, and he seemed to think it's fine. But are there any configuration changes I need to make to the Billion router - does it need to be set up just as a modem rather than a router, and is this even possible?

thanks, Rachel

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