Linksys Wireless Router/Modem WAG160N v2

When I try to connect my Dell PC(with above router) to my Dell Laptop(Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection) my Laptop will not connect- I get message:'Problem Applying Profile' - both have Windows XP.

Both computers Encryption Data etc match , Profile looks OK- the above occurs when I use WPA2-Personal,TKIP or AES on both; however when I change to WEP on both computers my connection is recognised!

My pc Router/Modem is N; my Laptop is G, could this be why I have the problem?.

I changed my Router/Modem to above to obtain better security and speed; my previous set up was both G and WEP on each computer; so as it stands I have not gained anything.Is my problem unavoidable as it is; if so do I need a N wireless adapter for my Laptop and if so can someone recommend one that will match my Linksys Router/Modem?

Thanks John

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