Linksys BEFSX41 Firewall router + ADSL2 Modem

I've a strange problem with my Linksys ADSL2 Modem (ADSL2MUE).

In the power up process, the "Power" LED normally lights up red during boot-up. It would then turn green after several seconds as soon as the boot-up procedure completes. The other LEDs will light up green indicating the DSL, Internet and Ethernet/USB connections have been established. Mine had done all these well until yesterday, when the ADSL modem refused to connect to the Internet, and the "Power" LED stayed red (it just didn't turn green no matter how long I waited). The DSL LED turned green (indicating the DSL had established that there was suitable carrier on the line), but the Internet LED was not on, and more strangely, the Ethernet/USB LED lighted up for about 5 seconds before it turned itself off!

Apparently I couldn't use the web-based admin tool to probe the problem without the modem providing some form of Ethernet connections. I tried to do a hardware reset to factory defaults, by pressing the little button at the back of the modem, but the unit didn't seem to respond.

I am quite puzzled as to why all these happen. I wonder whether the ADSL hardware has reached its end-of-life. I just get this unit brand new for about 2 months. And there's a BEFSX41 firewall router sitting behind the ADSL modem, if that makes any difference.

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Christopher Yeung
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If the modem is gone it's gone. You need to go get another one and maybe not a Linksys.

Duane :)

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