How to forward ports on linksys WRT54GC

I am not sure how port forwarding works on my linksys router. I want
all incoming connections on external ip on port 80 to be forwarded to
internal ip of a computer in my network on port 8988 ?
To achieve this I went to the Applications and Gaming tab | Port Range
Forwarding and entered the following and saved
Applcation Name Start ~ End Port Protocol To IP Address Enabled
Web 8988 ~ 8988 TCP
and then to Applications and Gaming tab | Port Range Triggering an
Application Triggerred Range Forwarded Range Enabled
Web 80 ~ 80 8988 ~ 8988
This allows me to log on to my website through port 8988 but not
through 80 ?
Any ideas how to configure this box ??
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From a quick look at the manual it will not achieve what you wish to do. It appears to be only capable of "Port Range" forwarding and you need to be able to carry out single port forwarding or "Port redirection".
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