Linksys wrt54g wierd problem

I was hoping someone could help me...

Recently installed a WRT54G. Wireless works flawlessly. However, the computer connected via ethernet seems to randomly loose internet connection...

The computer never looses its IP address, always repairs successfully. Its setup with a static IP, some port fwding for torrents.

But heres what happens: I'll go to say google. CLick click all within google, then try to go to another website, and i get that error screen (please check your network settings unable to load the search page blah blah). I do NOTHING to fix the error aside from wait 3 mins, and it will just work.

Or if i go back to google, and click within google, it also works. The problem is totally random, and I can't seem to fix it.

I feel like its some stupid network setting I can't find. Any ideas? Thank you so much in advance....

- Kevin

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Probably falling over from so many BitTorrent connections. See Wi-Fi Fixes below.

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