DI-624: Remote Desktop

I think I've configured my DI-624 running firmware version 2.70 to support XP remote desktop.

I went into advanced: Enabled (Virtual Server) Private IP: I used the WAN IP address given under Status (this is the same address I got from: myipaddress.com) Protocol: Both Private Port: 3389 Public Port: 3389 Schedule: Always

However, whenever I try to connect I get the "The client could not connect to the remote computer"

Yes, XP is configured for Remote Connection and it does work because I can remotely connect as long as I stay within my LAN, i.e. I can do a remote connect to 192.168.....

but cannot when I go to the WAN IP address. I've tried pinging the wan ip address and that's fine.


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No, that should be the private IP address assigned to your XP wireless client, as displayed in Network Connections. You'll want to make this a static (unchanging) address in the DI-624 DHCP server or assigned manually.

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John Navas

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