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I've installed a Linksys WVC54GC camera on my wireless network. It works great but I'm having trouble figuring out what I have to do to be able to see it from the Internet. The instructions Linksys provides are a little unclear. Is there a simple way to do this?

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I guess you can just install Winsock, web browser, FTP etc. see if you can access to internet. And a Keyboard so you can type too

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thats pretty funny, mine died last week and i just uninstalled it yesterday... sigh, you have a working camera and i have working software

assuming you already have it installed and working, then the computer you used to install it has a program on it... start it and have it search/find it, and it will tell you what ip addy:port it is on (defaults to port 80, or will tell you if something else) in which case you should be able to see it from other 'puters on your network from a browser, just Go to the ip addy:port (if not port 80)

be aware, it only seems to work with IE (not firefox/safari/chrome etc)

now, if you want to see it from the INTERNET instead of your wireless network (not the same thing) there are simple ways to do that also

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Peter Pan

Maybe I can elaborate a little on how you might be able to access it from the outside world (and remember, that includes anywhere in the world -- Russia, China, or wherever).

You need to know the IP address of your router as seen from the internet side. Some ISPs will give you an IP address, and it will never change. Others, may change it far too often. If you want to use an URL instead of an IP address, then you must set up an alias somewhere to do that.

The simple way to do that is establish an account at one of the redirectors -- while there are others, one good one is

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Some charge money, some are free. With those you keep them updated on what your IP address is (which can be automated), and you pick a URL out of a list of domains they have available. That gives you something consistent that you can use to get to your router when you are away from home.

You need to set up port-forwarding in your router. That means, when someone connects to your router at a certain port, the router will know where to forward it on within your internal network. In some cases you can also do port translation. For example, if your camera responds to port 80, you might not want to expose port 80 to the bad guys out there. So, you would tell your router that any connect request coming in on port 8080 (as an example) would get sent on to the local address of your camera at port 80. All this depends a little upon the capabilities of your router.

The other thing you need to do is make sure the camera always is on the same IP address on your network. That is so the router will know where to forward the connect requests. The easy way to do that probably is let your router be a DHCP server, with a specific address reserved for the MAC address of the camera.

I don't know if I elaborated enough, or too much! When you get stumped, come back, and you will get more ideas, I'm sure!


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Bob K

Setting up Remote access for your Internet Monitoring Camera using Web Based Setup.

The above instructions is based on the TZO DDNS service. This is not mandatory and any of the other free services will work equally well. I recommend DYNDNS.COM which offers free port forwarding for up to 5 "machines".

The example also uses the WRT54G as an example for port forwarding, but any router that does port forwarding will work.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks. I'll give it a try.

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