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I am somewhat of an amateur when it comes to setting up a wireless network camera and could do with a little advice. I have recently acquired an Axis 207/w wireless network camera and need to connect this to my PC from a distance of about 5 metres. I have no wireless capabilities on this PC at present and I'm wondering what additional equipment I am going to need to connect to my new network camera. I do not need to connect remotely via the internet, just via the wireless signal the camera outputs. If it helps the PC I am using has a wired network card already installed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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You'll need to hook directly into the wired ethernet port on the bottom of the camera and configure it to connect to your wireless access point. Then you can view the stream by going to the web interface once its hooked into your router.


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scratch4cj hath wroth:

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to read the instructions that came with the Axis 207/w and see what the manufactory recommends.

Reviews look good:

Usually, the other end of the link is a "wireless access point" or "wireless router". It is possible to terminate the wireless connection with a wireless card plugged into the PC, but a stand alone wireless router is easier. Just about any wireless router that claims to support 802.11g will work. You'll find some good reviews and basics at:

See the wireless tutorial, FAQ, HowTwo, and other docs in the "Browse all Wireless" box on the left of the page.

Note that the 207/w also has an ethernet port. Wireless is nothing more than an ethernet extension cable, so you can play with the camera using a wired ethernet connection until you obtain a suitable wireless router or access point.

Well, if it's "using" a network card, it must be going somewhere. What's it connected to now? (Translation: What equipment do you have to work with)? If it's an existing router, plug the ethernet cable from the camera into the ethernet switch ports on the back of the router and run it like that for now.

  1. Disclose your existing hardware.
  2. Do some reading on the basics of how it all works together.
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