Best wireless bridge to use with a WAP11?

My home network currently consists of a single 8 port switch that connects a number of servers and PC's, a Linksys WAP11, and a PIX 501

- all behind my cable modem.

I will be moving soon, and the room that will become my office does not have a coax drop. The way the house is laid out, it's going to be a bit of a challenge to get coax into that room. I'm sure I'll pull a drop in there someday, but for the meantime, I need a quick solution to get Internet access into that room.

My idea is to put the cable modem, PIX, and WAP11 in my entertainment center in the living room, since there's already a coax drop there that I can use for the cable modem. Then I would simply need a wireless bridge for the office that would connect the office LAN to the WAP11.

My first thought was to get a WET11. However, its reviews on are extremely negative. Funny thing is, I've been looking through the archives of this newsgroup, and the WET11 seems to get fairly good remarks.

So the question is...should I go ahead with the WET11, or is there a better device that will work with my WAP11?


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At my house there is an AP on a pole out in the yard. It has a WAP54G in it. 400' (four hundred feet) away in the neighbors front window is an old WET11. It has been connected and running for two years. It gets reset when the power drops.


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