General concept question regarding repeater or bridge.

I have a wireless router and a wireless access point. I want to use the AP to extend my coverage in the house. If I configure it at my desk using a hard wire connection as a repeater, then disconnect it and put it upstairs, will that work? Do I still need to have a hardwired connection? Or do I set it up as a bridge?

I guess the short question is how can I, if at all, use the AP to extend my coverage without an ethernet drop at it's location?

-Thanks, Jim

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The AP has a 'MODE' menu that allows the repeater mode. Once It is setup with the proper mac address you can unplug and move it. Unfunny thing about repeaters, not all routers work with a repeater because there is not standard protocol. JPS

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You can't expect decent answers without posting vendor and model info for the devices.

If you want reliable, full speed (such as it is) wireless then just pull the wire to the AP from the router.

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Bill Kearney

as others mentioned - what models are involved ? duh ?

repeater mode -> receive wifi and re-broadcast wifi, no wires involved

bridge mode -> receive wifi and connect to local ethernet via single RJ45 jack. I have a "bridge" running in the family room connected to a small 5-port hub to supply connections for Tivo and Xbox and other stuff...

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