Is there a solution to a weak signal?

Is there a solution when there is a weak signal and it is not in your control?

I'm specifically referring to places such as hotel rooms that provide wireless but the signal is weak where you want to work. I've been to hotels where the way the room is situated the signal next to the door is Ok enough but by the work desk it is very weak and difficult to use.

I don't know enough to understand but does something like the D-Link DWL-G730AP expand the signal?


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You can always get a better wifi card and a better antenna and ignore whatever is in the laptop.

While this following antenna card pair is far from the cheapest wifi setup (at close to $200 when adding tax and shipping), it sure does pull in those weak signals. Compared to the builtin wifi this setup will see 2x to 3x as many AP's where I am. The builin sees 3-4 AP's and this cardbus setup sees 8-12 AP's. In theory this card can also transmit at 10x - 20x higher power than the normal 15mw cards. I haven't started testing that yet though.

300 mW UBiQUiTi Super Range Cardbus 802.11a/b/g Atheros Chipset - SRC
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$145 5 dBi 2.4 GHz Omnidirectional Mobile Laptop Antenna - MB24-MOB5-MMCX
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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

I have a Linksys Wireless G card, 2.4ghz, SRX that picks up about twice+ as much as the antenna built into my IBM Thinkpad. It was about $85.


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A cheap solution can be found here:

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'd also need a USB wifi dongle adapter.. as seen in the example picture.

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On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 02:53:53 GMT, louise wrote in :

FWIW, the Atheros wireless in a ThinkPad blows away all of the PC Cards I've tried. To beat it I would have to use a high-gain external antenna.

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