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I've been tasked with finding a solution (that's well within a budget - i.e.pretty inexpensive). The geographic view is that the main building is running 100bT and a secondary building is about 30 ft away, but a paved drive separates the two buildings. In the second building are 4 Desktops that are using dial-up for their connections, and we foresee three more rooms that will need network connection. I've installed a WAP for use in the main Library (in the main building).

Is there a Wireless bridge (with a good antenna), or other system short of digging up the drive for Cat-5 drop, that I could use to hop over the drive and feed these 8 (or more) devices.


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mike vore
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On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 01:54:15 GMT, mike vore wrote in :

Lots of them. Suggest you first do a signal check at the second building.

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John Navas

Look for smartBridges Total Outdoor on eBay. It'll pass 256 MAC addresses and has a built in directional 12dbi antenna. If the WAP is reachable at all, this'll do it.

Or, you don't have to bury CAT5E, you can stretch it from roof to roof. I've got a spool of CAT5E that's filled with silicon caulk made for direct burial or out in the weather.

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