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I currently have a DSL modem in front of a Netgear VPN Firewall/Router (no wireless capability) which I currently have two computers (a workstation and a laptop) connected via ethernet cables. Occasionally I need to take the laptop to another place in the house to work and would like to do this wireless as opposed to running ethernet cable around the house. What hardware would I need to purchase to plug into my router to gain wireless access from my laptop. The hardware for the laptop is much more straightforward.

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John Hinkey Seattle, WA

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You need an Access Point, It will plug into one of your router Lan ports and provide wireless. Netgear makes access points or there are others such as the linksys wap54g...which is what I use.

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I will tell you the best deal around for you will be to purchase a Linksys wireless G network kit for notebooks. Great deal for under a hundred dollars and on sale often too. But you get the wireless pc card adapter for your note book and a new wireless G router to replace your existing one. And your in business, take you laptop anywhere in your house or yard for that matter and be connected to your network and internet. Better yet get a wireless pci card for your desktop too and trash all your cables but the one from you modem to your new router.

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Purchase a wireless Access Point. It will allow you to wirelessly connect your laptop to your existing network. All of the usual brands have them, however, due to the all-in-one wireless routers, many stores opt not to carry the access points. Currently, I am using the D-Link DWL2100AP that I purchased from CompUSA. It can be configured as an regular accesss point, a point-to-point bridge, a point-to-multipoint bridge, a repeater and a wireless client. It also supports WEP (64, 128 & 152 Bit encryption), WPA (Radius) and WPA-PSK (TKIP & AES encryption). Do your research and select the brand and model that best suits your needs. Take care.

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