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I'm afraid my problem is so simple, I'll be laughed off the group... I used to have a wireless setup in an office, I brought the system home and am using the router (netgear m314) to connect my 4 computers together with no problems. My wired network is fine. I've recently gotten an dell x200 that works just fine, with XP pro on it, I want to connect wirelessly to my home system. The dell has a 1370 mini pci card installed and it's driver is reported to have no problems. The Netgear M314 has an antenna on the back.. and the lights are blinking green , so I'm thinking it should allow me to connect?? My laptop is showing no wireless network available. Now for showing my ignorance at this topic. There's a left over D-Link dwl-900ap that is not connected. I have added it as per all the setup info, but still no signal so I've taken it off again. I am hoping to connect my laptop directly to the netgear wireless router.

  1. Is it possible?
  2. if not possible then, why can't the access point find the laptop - it has before in a different setup with a different laptop? I think I've set it up correctly.
  3. Is there a newer wireless G router that I can buy that is an access point also... ie, I think I'm trying to make my m314 into something it isn't, but doesn't it make sense that it could or should be an access point?

OK, when you wipe the tears from your eyes, and get a drink of water, I'll be listening. TIA, Ron

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Have you reset the router after taking it home? Otherwise press the reset button as described in the manual. Don't have a manual, get the manual (probably a .pdf file) from Netgear's support site.

Yes. Do the same (reset) with the D-Link access point.

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Axel Hammerschmidt

I looked for reset holes in the D-Link, but none found. couldn't find anything in the manual either. I read on a current boxed wireless router that it acted as an access point, just as I thought the netgear mr314 should have been. I put Network Magic on both machines and it cannot see the netgear wireless connection at all, and when I added the D-link access point it showed up, but it would fall in and out of range at a distance of

4 feet every few seconds.. I think I need to upgrade to a g router and purchase the 'same brand' add on's that I need to achieve my goal. On eBay I've seen Microsoft G wireless routers with cards (kits) for darn near nothing. Would that be a possible solution since I'm working with an out of date system anyway. TIA, Ron
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