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Can anyone help me get my mum's laptop to remember it's wireless settings? (if that is what the problem is) I can connect to the router wirelessly but when the laptop is turned off and back on again it has to be configured all over again. It has XP - from the system tray I start up 'Wireless Network Settings' -> 'view wireless connections' -> 'Wireless' tab and check 'use windows to configure wireless settings' (I've probably not remembered the exact wording here, I'm on a different machine right now) - when these steps are carried out it can connect. It would be much better if this would happen automatically. Anyway, I hope that is sufficient info for someone to realise what needs to happen. The router is fine and there have been 3 network adaptors tried out so I figured it was the laptop. The shop it was got from have advised us to reload xp - yikes!

thx in advance, Hughie

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"" hath wroth:

Find the wireless icon in the system tray (bottom right of screen). Right click and select "Show available networks". Pick the right one. Fill in the encryption key. Connect.

Now that you've connected, go to the properties for the wireless connetections and find the SSID of whatever you're connecting to. In the settings, you'll find a check box for "connect automatically". Check it. That should save the settings.

In the list of previous connected (preferred) SSID's, move your favorites to the top of the list.

Some more:

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you do, do *NOT* enable "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks.

Makes work for the shop cleaning up the mess you do after reinstallation.

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Jeff Liebermann

You should go to Device Manager by using the Start button/My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Advanced/Device Manager -- find the card/select the line and right-click Properties I believe it's Drivers/Advanced Tab or somewhere around in that area and you can configure the card there and it should hold the settings.

Duane :)

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