Is this LinkSys router connection possible?


I have a LinkSys Wireless-B Broadband Router with 4 ports. The user manual suggests the following connection:

+------+ | CM | +------+ | +--------------+ | Router | +--------------+ | | | +---+ +---+ +---+ |PC1| |PC2| |PC3| +---+ +---+ +---+

But I want this:

+------+ | CM | +------+ | | +--------------+ | +---| Router | | | +--------------+ | | | | +---+ +---+ +---+ |PC1| |PC2| |PC3| +---+ +---+ +---+

The reason is PC1 is a Linux box that I want to ssh into remotely. It already has 2 working NICs configured. In fact, I can plug PC2 into eth1 of PC1 to access the Internet.

How can I configured the router to use PC1/eth1, which has a static IP of

Thank you very much.

Regards Kevin

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Kevin Yeung
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You can do it the way you want but then your linux box will always need to run in order for your pcs to connect. The easier way to do it is to hook them up according to the first diagram and then designate the linux box as teh DMZ server. RTFM

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Fafa Fofo

So why not just hook up as in diagram #1, and set the router to forward the ssh port (22, iirc) to the linux machine? No muss, no fuss.

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Andy Hill


Maybe he just likes a more complicated setup and the increased latency ?

Dave :-)

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