Is it possible to use a router as a relay station

Hi I have a problem with a wifi network. We run a small network of macs with two PC's. The internet link on the P.c's is continually dropping despite the the fact we can access files off of the server and the signal strength is strong. Just from reading around the forums it seems this is a not uncommon problem with Windows XP and WIFI. Ideally what I would like to do is connect the P.C's by ethernet cable. Unfortunately they are twenty feet from the router which makes it problematic with the cabling I was wondering is it possible to use another device as a relay station close to the P.C's which can be wired to them by ethernet cable and relay the signal from the main router. Any thoughts on this would be gratefully appreciated

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Don't think it has so much to do with the OS. Sounds like a networking issue if the pcs both can ping the router wirelessly. I'd guess that you have a configuration or router problem. There may be a difference in the way the Macs and the pcs are configured.

Maybe it's losing the gateway? Try giving your pcs static ip address with static gateway addresses and see if that makes a difference.

To do this, you would use a wireless ethernet bridge and use it to feed ethernet to the pcs. If the problem is configuration, then this may or may not accidentally fix that.

Cheers, Steve

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