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Does anyone have some experience on how to deal with a failed firmware upgrade on a HP Procurve 420?


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Peter Boosten
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Which version firmware were you upgrading to? I thought the "Default Application Image" was supposed to run on "boot up" if the "Primary Image" was corrupted and this should allow you to re-install the firmware.

"The access point stores two software files in its flash memory. One has a file name such as hp420-2100.bin, which is the current version of software the access point runs. The current software file is overwritten when new software is downloaded to the access point. The other software file, called dflt-img.bin, contains a default version of the access point software that is used if the current software file is deleted or fails. The dflt-img.bin file cannot be deleted from the system or overwritten."

You may find something of use here:-

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Thanks for your answer. I tried to upgrade to hp420-221.bin (latest), did not touch the boot software (3.0.6). The thing is that neither the console port, nor the reset button seem to function. It get's an IP address however (the one I assigned to it), I can ping it. The only open port is 80, but any attempt to connect (either by browser or by telnet) times out.

tftp upload went smooth, answered 'no' to use default settings, did a 'dir' and then reset board. After that 'nada' (have done firmware upgrades before, without any trouble).

Any ideas?



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