Unable to connect to free wifi abroad

I have a PDA running Pocket PC 2003 and a wifi card. I have been able to connect to several free wifi networks (eg in hotels) here in the UK without any problem. However, I have never been able to do the same abroad. My PDA can see the network I am trying to connect to, and acts like it is connecting, sometimes even saying 'connected', but I am never able to view any web pages. Sometimes I have had an error message about my IP address.

Anyone got any ideas? I know that some hotel networks may require you to use a WEP key to connect to their network to prevent unauthorised use, but I have had the same problem trying to connect to the free wifi at the Sony Center in Berlin, where access is free for all.

Amy advice gratefully received!

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The hotel I am at using a wireless laptop requires you to have a onetime fee payment of $4.95, and you get a password that expires each month. The network is an unsecured network, put you have to give a password by going to a login screen over the Internet. The connection time expires every 24 hours where you have to give the password again to be able to access the Internet.

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