New Wifi Questions - please help

Just set up my DSL (bellsouth) and Wifi Router (trendnet). I set an encryption key as well. Just a few questions:

In order to connect the router, I have one ethernet cable going from a desktop computer to the router and another from the router to DSL modem. Is there anyway to make the desktop totally wireless as well? (So that no cables from the desktop computer are connected to the modem or router?)

My other laptop in the house picks up the wifi signal that I set up, but everytime I try to connect from the desktop computer to the wireless signal, it keeps giving me an error message, saying that it's unable to connect to the network because the network is not in range although I have a full strength signal. Please help! Thanks.

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Need more info. Which port did you connect to the WAN or LAN? Which wireless, which Operating know, the basics.

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rose1222 hath wroth:

Hint: If you post a question devoid of any numbers, that's usually an invitation for a general, theoretical, and non-specific answer. If you want something that directly applies to your situation, the missing model numbers are quite useful.

Yep. That's the way it's normally done. DSL modem to the WAN/internet port. Desktops and other PC's to one of the LAN ports.

Sure. There are wireless devices suitable for the desktop. 3 different ways. I'll be general as it varies by desktop configuration and type:

  1. USB wireless adapter.
  2. PCI card inside the desktop.
  3. Wireless Ethernet Client Bridge (or Game Adapters) to the ethernet port.

Each has their advantages. USB wireless is easy to setup and install. However, the radio and antenna quality are really only suitable for short range, where you can see the wireless router.

PCI cards will work, but you have to have a PCI slot. The location of the antenna on the rear of the desktop is rather non-optimum. If you need range, then you'll also need to purchase an external antenna and extension cable.

Wireless ethernet client bridge is literally an extension cord for your existing CAT5 ethernet cable. Setup is a bit messy, but you only have to do it once. It's also somewhat more expensive.

Well, you have a connection failure. The usual goof is that you setup WEP instead of the more secure WPA encryption in the wireless router. Instead of telling you how to fix the WEP problem, methinks you'll find it easier and more productive to dive into your router configuration, and change the encryption to WPA-PSK or WPA-Personal (same thing).

If you can post a question to usenet, you can also read the answer via usenet. However, if you require a personalized response, I'll email to you my consulting rate card.

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