Problems with PlusNet Wireless Network

Hi all,

Just recently changed my broadband provider from BT Home Hub to PlusNet.

Previously I was successfully connecting to the internet through a Netgear WG111 wireless USB adaptor.

I uninstalled all the components of BT and installed all the relevant PlusNet stuff. I can connect to the internet using an ethernet cable (so the PlusNet account is fine). However, I can't connect anymore via the Netgear wireless adaptor. The Netgear adaptor recognises the new modem and I have entered the wireless key etc and it shows good signal strength. When I click on the wireless network it says packets are being sent but nothing is being received. I have also uninstalled the Netgear adaptor and reinstalled it but still can't get the wireless network to work.

Is this likely to be a settings issue or is this particular wireless adaptor not compatible with PlusNet? Any suggestions gratefully received.


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Hi Tom,

It's not going to be a compatibility issue with us. We're just providing you with the ADSL connectivity and as such any ADSL compatible device should work perfectly well. The fact that you can connect via ethernet is testament to this too.

Do you have any local firewall or security applications installed and if so is the problem present if you disable them?

Have you tried a factory reset on the router (bear in mind you'd have to reconfigure it again following this)?

Can you get to the router interface when connected wirelessly or not?


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