Internet Problems.....

Have installed a Pluscom WRF-RTL8186 router between our cable modem and PC so the wife can connect wirelessly via her laptop. Her laptop has Vista on and it wouldn't connect at first so read on internet that I'd have to upgrade firmware. Successfully done this.

Anyway, all lights flashing as they should be and laptop connects but have got a few problems....

Internet connection is pretty poor on PC & Laptop despite being a virgin media customer on their large broadband package (10 meg I think it is that I've got?) Am having to refresh several times on internet pages to get them to download though (progress bar freezes) Was fine before connecting router.

Have installed a few packages to try and improve things...

Installed "MySpeed PC Lite Edition" which tests my connection for speed and quality.

Just ran the above and it tells me that my download speed is 3.47mbps and upload is 371kbps, round trip time is 46ms (which states that there is a good connection path between me and server) but Quality of service is only 47% (my connection is poor at sustaining its maximum transfer rate) Underneath that it says 'you appear to be having connection problems' and to run two other pieces of software to analyse my connection (have tried one, VisualRoute but couldn't fathom out what the results meant)

Also installed and ran TCPOptimizer which appeared to improve things slightly.

Any clues as to why my quality of service is so poor? I'm assuming that this is having an impact on page download speeds?

Also, sometimes when the wife logs onto her laptop it says 'local'/'limited' connection only (and she can't access the internet) despite the signal having 5 green bars. She has to disconnect and then reconnect a few times until it says 'local and internet' What's that all about?

I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to routers and wireless connections so please bear that in mind. Cheers.

My system is AMD Athlon Xp 1800 running Windows 2000. I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser. The router is connected to a Motorola Surfboard SB4100.

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