Intel Pro Wireless B/G and Super G, MIMO speed!

I just wanted to know if anyone was using the Intel Pro Wireless mini pc cards found in many notebooks with a MIMO or Super G network? These are the cards that fit in a slot on the underside of the laptop.

I know they will work with b/g networks, but since the cards are more software then hardware has anyone gotten MIMO speeds, or Super G speeds out of them? I am thinking of upgrading to a MIMO wireless network, and I would consider such an option, as my wife does not like a card sticking out of the PCMCIA slot.


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Intel Wi-Fi Mini PCI cards are 802.11g only, not anything faster like "SuperG" or MIMO. I replaced my own Intel Wi-Fi Mini PCI card with an Atheros AR5004G card that's capable of 108 Mbps, but only with a compatible access point and at very close range.

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John Navas

I thought that one of the problems with the Intel Wireless cards was the fact that you could change the speed of the connection in software, regardless of what the hardware was rated at.

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That thread hints that hardware could be used at different rates then what it was licensed for. I understand that it is licensed for

802.11b/g, and for legal reason's it's safe for that operation.

My question is has anyone gotten better speeds out of the hardware, my understanding of some of the MIMO gear that this is possible depending on the card. Right now I have an old Intel pro/wireless 2100 card that does only 802.11b, if I could swap in a g card and get a little boots about g speeds that might be a solution. You can find MIMO access points, and routers for about 20 dollars more then good G gear.

I agree a MIMO PCMCIA card is not that expensive, might be the way to go as it will be some time for N gear to showup. Then I have to consider the security issue as I am still using B gear with wep.


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