Dell Wireless 1505 VS Intel PRO/Wireless 4965

A french website "Les Delliens" has leaked the following information on the new *upcoming Dell Laptop line*.

I posted that beautiful forum thread on *Digg it* at 'Digg - Leak on the new DELL laptops 1720, 1520 , 1420'

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The question is: what Wireless mini card to choose between?


*Intel PRO/Wireless 4965 a/b/g/n Mini-Card*

Any suggestion or recommendation?



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world33 hath wroth:

It's not much of a "leak". It's been all over the internet with even leaked reviews of laptops. I would this is an "orchestrated" leak.

You can buy the Intel 4965 on eBay for $50 which mentions the various Dell laptops. For example:

At that price, a fair strategy would be to buy and try both cards.

Intel 4965 stuff:

Offhand, not having tried either card, I would tend to favor Intel, mostly because of the accompanying Proset 11 software, which I find to be rather useful and "mature" after numerous fixes and updates.

Nice of Dell to use the same 1505 number as one of their former laptop models. It offers a challenge to Googling. I couldn't find anything on the new Dell wireless 1505 a/b/g/n card. However, it appears to be an update of their (Broadcom BCM4311) Dell wireless 1490 card PCIe card.

At those prices, you could buy both cards, write a comparison review, sell it for $50, and recover your investment.

Apparently, someone was able to order a Dell wireless 1505 card for $45.95. See:

ChuckleAnyone want bet they get the wrong card in the mail?

Hint: For MIMO to work, it has to MIMO at both ends. It also has to be the same MIMO PRE-N standard of the month at both ends. If you just have an 802.11g wireless router, you'll only get 802.11g performance.

Apparently, you're not the only one to ask the question. See:

So far, Intel is winning.

Hmmm... 3 antennas. Yet another challenge. Someone is sure to ask what will happen if they retrofit a 3 antenna MIMO card into an older laptop, which only has two antennas.

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