Super G vs Pre-N

Super G is proprietary and Pre-N is loosely based on a future standard that will change in hardware and firmware implementation. Since they both have backward compatibility with B&G, it seems that Pre-N is the way to go for speeds greater than 54G. From what I've read, it seems that Belkin is an early leader with great reports for a preliminary standard and Netgear looks very promising in their latest design. I don't see how this Super G stuff can last, given the maturation of the Pre-N stuff. Also, even if you want to stay with 54G mode, I would consider Pre-N based on its superior antenna topology for multipath signals.

Has anyone gotten the new Netgear?

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I havnt got the new Netgear Rangemax, but plan to do so when it hits the UK next month. The independt test results from Verizon look promising and much better than the Belkin MIMO stuff

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