installed Linksys wmp54g causes mouse to pause

Does any1 know why my mouse is pausing every now and again, after installing an Linksys WMP54g? I've now noticed that it is doing exactly the same think on the keys as I type in that there is a pause evry now and again.

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Jason Hallway
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Exactly the same WHAT thing? I can't tell if you mean there's a pause after hitting the keys, or if there's some interaction between the keys and the mouse.

Are you using a cordless mouse? Wireless USB or Bluetooth mouse perhaps? USB or PS/2 mouse? Any particular Windoze version? Latest Linksys driver version from the web pile? (Good luck determining if you actually have the latest installed).

Even though the cordless mouse (27Mhz) and wireless (2.4GHz) are on radically different frequencies, I've seen some interaction when they're very close. Move the mouse/keyboard receiver away from the wireless.

I've also seen mouse stalls with Windoze 2000 and XP. I'm not sure what triggers it but removing a mess of spyware made it go away once. I've also had problems with USB drivers causing the mouse to momentarily pause. It seems to happen mostly when I have a large number of USB devices plugged into the machine. The USB driver goes off and services some printer or whatever, and waits for a response. Meanwhile, the mouse is comatose. Sorry to be so vague but I don't recall the exact details.

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Jeff Liebermann

If it wasn't doing a prob. before the WMP54g drivers were installed then it's probaly a driver conflict. Try updating to the latest drivers for the adapter and mouse (if there are any). If the PC is responding to the keyboard but not the mouse then the problem is with the mouse but if the PC is not responding to the keyboard the linksys drivers could by conflicting with almost anything, spyware included.

I found that the linksys connection monitoring software caused occasional stalling on my PC, somtimes for several seconds. I now use XP to manage the connection with latest drivers from linksys and this has completely solved the problem.

I originally had an Asrock MB, without the linksys software XP kept losing the IDE controllers this meant my DVD drives disappeared so I was stuck with the linksys software for months. I had to replace the Asrock MB (dodgy capacitor caused boot probs) with an ASUS MB and was able to uninstall the linksys software.


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Actually, the whole computer freezes every 2 secs for half a sec.

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