I have a question on APs and Router

Hi, i am new to the wireless scene and just upgraded my connection to a wireless one. The whole contract comes with a wireless modem by 2WIRE and i thought by just connecting the modem to my cpu and a telephone line, im on my way to wireless connection but no. I figured out that i need a couple more things like a router?

My question is what exactly is a router in layman terms? (I tired wiki and googling but the terms were confusing) and what does it do?

Another question is what are all these 'psp wireless, Accessories, Networking items on eBay.com'

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? Does it mean that i just need one of these and plug it in my cpu USB slot and i can go wireless with my psp and itouch *without the need of a router?*

Sorry for the ignorance. Please enlighten me.


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Yes and no (typical engineer's answer).

Assuming your 2WIRE DSL modem has only one ethernet port...

Phone connects to your DSL modem (ahead of the DSL filter of course), DSL modem's ethernet port delivers one IP address. That's fine if you only have one computer on the network. A router generates additional new IP addys for additional computers.

The *easiest* way to go about for *you* would be get a Linksys WRT54G wireless router from Walmart for $59. Connect the DSL modem to the WAN (or internet port) of the Linksys and your computer to one of the four LAN ports on the Linksys.

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But he said it's a wireless modem.

Assuming his computer has a wireless card, then you should be OK.

Did it come with instructions?


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What is the model number of the 2Wire? It may have router capabilities built-in. John Jones, Detroit

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John Jones

Opps...I know it is, but for some reason that's where my thinking stopped pursuing it after seeing that.

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extricate hath wroth:

Welcome. In the future, you might find you get better answers to your questions if you supply:

  1. What problem are yout trying to solve?
  2. What hardware and software do you have to work with?

OK, that might be AT&T DSL. It might also be AT&T uVerse. Any particular model 2wire router?

You already have a router. 2wire does not make any DSL modems, only routers, usually with either a DSL modem inside, or a cable modem inside. Perhaps this would be a good time to supply exactly what you have to work with?

A router connects two different TCP/IP networks. One such network is the greater internet (through your connection to your ISP). The other is your home network. Need more detail?

PSP is a Sony Playstation Portable.

I have no idea how a PSP works.

It is written that one must suffer before enlightenment.

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Jeff Liebermann

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