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I have a question about hooking up a wireless router in my dorm. We have 4 rooms each one of us have a separate lan connection. I want to make my LAN connection as wireless. Is it possible to hook up a wireless router or WLAN access point to my standard LAN and use the connection as WLAN.

Also is it possible that all of us in the flat can do the same, with just one WLAN device.


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Check with your college's IT people. All the schools I'm familiar with expressly prohibit this to prevent interference with the school's own wireless net.

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With all due respect, how is a wireless network going to interfere with a school's network?

Dave H.

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As I recall, a university tried to prohibit wireless access points in the dorms, but the FCC steeped in and said prohibiting radio transmitting devices is exclusively an FCC decision. However the school WAS within its right to prohibit rouge access points from connecting to their network infrastructure. On a side note, if the school had a licensed radio system, then any unlicensed WiFi system that caused interference could be ordered shut down by the FCC.

Now if you had your own DSL or cable line coming into the dorm, you could do it, but then...the school prohibit private phone service into the dorm rooms.

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Think about it. Even a small college has 3000 students, now say 10% have wireless nets. How are 300 nets on top of the schools going to coexist? Tbhey all share the same space.

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