I have some antennas, but.....

Hi guys. Im new on this but i just need a little push.. I have Two solectek antennas, the info on them is this, mti wireless edge, antenna 2.4 ghz, mt 344003. and it has two polarization options vertical or horizontal. i also have one of the original modem, its a skymate from solectek. i read the on line manual, but i need the other modem to set the antennas. i also have a very long cable on each antenna (like 25 ft), is like a coaxial cable. My question are this: can i set up this antennas using a diferent device??. for example can i buy a destop wireless card and replace the original antenna whit the ones i have??. my uncle told me that the range of this antennas are like 2 or 3 miles, not sure. Can i use only one antenna to search for hot spots??.

Thanks for any help.

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