Help with Netgear Router (Says Automatic)

Hi I was wondering you somebody could offer me some help on my wireless network, the problem is pretty simple. The wireless network works fine with no problems for majority of the day, however 3-4 times a day im facing problems. The problem is that my laptops cannot connect to the wireless network, when double clicking on the wireless network icon on the toolbar the window which appears says ?automatic? where it should say ?connected?. A print screen of this can be seen below:

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The only way this problem gets solved is by taking the power cable out of the back of the router waiting for a few seconds and then putting the cable back into the router. I know some may say why don?t I just do this, however the problem is that the wireless router is located two houses away and I don?t have the key to the room where the router is kept, it gets opened about 6, so all day up until 6 I have no access to the router. I have gone other ways if doing this by cutting the whole electricity to the house but again this is not good as other appliances in the house shouldn?t be turned off. Is there a simpler way to basically turn the power on and off to the router from my laptop? Why does it do it?

Its a Netgear router, connected to a NIC card in a computer, the computer and the laptops are running XP, however 1 laptop is on Vista.


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Um, umm...I think you are not getting answers because it's hard to decide what to tell you.

I'd read the manual and get to know the router's management interface. Every router has one and you take care of all the settings there, usually by typing in an address in your internet browser.

Once you know how to use that, I'd be looking at the settings and testing it with the security turned off for a day, if you can afford the risk, to see that changes anything.

It might be fixable with a firmware update. Check the Netgear site for latest firmware once you get familiar enough with the interface to do updates.

In our router you can reboot it from anywhere on the LAN but obviously not if you don't have a connection. I don't know how the Netgear is.

Cheers, Steve

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Desperado hath wroth:

Probably not. That's because you've left out almost all the important information. You did manage to hint that it's some model Netgear router. However, that's about all I know. No clue what it's plugged into, what computers use it, now it's wired into the network, etc.

Ok, The unspecified Netgear model router is hung. Congrats. I also am having a similar problem with a Netgear router. I won't mention the model number. I've traced it down to being caused by power line glitches. I have an APC BackUPS 280 running the router, DSL modem, and some other network junk, but it still hangs. Here's a photo. See if you can guess the model number:

What I've done with similar situation is to cycle the power with either a AC power lamp timer, pager activated switch (PageTap), or radio controlled switch. Since this is in a commercial radio vault, I'll probably opt for the radio solution.

Yep. It's hung.

Sure. The easiest way is a radio controlled garage door opener switch. Maybe a wireless lamp switch. You should be able to find a wireless remote light controller at your hardware store.

How about a $4.00 solution?

No clue on the range, but you can walk next door easily enough. However, I suspect you'll get tired and eventually either upgrade the firmware in the router, or upgrade to one that doesn't hang.


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