How to configure a Nokia C020?

I have this Nokia C020 which I am assured is a Wifi card even though it will only work with Windows 98.

Does anyone know how to configure it to connect to a network. There are only cryptic connection possibilities such as and none of them SEEM TO let you scan, see available or select a network. I know that the card is working as it does install and shows a haywire screen on a nearby computer to which it is trying to connect peer to peer. It has three operating modes, instanet, StructureNet and peer to peer, none of which let me select or join a network. Does anyone know what is going on please?

Also, not that I think this can be relevant, but this computer shows Windows

95 on it but has something called Windows 98 PLUS installed, whatever that is, Anyway I have updated it to current patches along with IE6
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I think you are wasting your time.I don't know when your particular card was built but the originals were PrismI clones produced by Intalk.Intalk were bought by Nokia in 1999 and started selling the cards as C020/C021.The 802.11b std was not ratified until 1999 so I would not be surprised if the C020 was not compatible with anything other than the original 802.11 implementation.


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Bob II

Actually that was the most I could figure out about it as well. But there is something on the Nokia Europe site which says that this is supposed to be WiFi compatible. That it is an early WiFi card.

But there are also some pretty emphatic statements telling people like me who ask about getting Prism1 driven devices working with Windows to stop annoying everyone: Which (after adoption of 802.11b) can only be referring to WiFi.

Thanks anyway

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