How to connect a wifi node to my router

Hello, Sorry if my terms are not correct but I will try to explain what I need help on as best I can. My friend has just placed some wifi nodes on a lighting pole right done the block from me about 10 feet with a sidd name and a ip address. I am currently have a belkin wireless/wired gateway router model no. f5d6231-4 and router/dsl modem : zyxel p660r with a Os of Windows 98 and a Netgear 32 network card. The computer is hard wired and the modem is in bridge mode and the internet connection is working. What I would like to do is try to connect my friends node to my router and have it as part of my network. Can anyone tell me what kind of setting I would have to change to my router to make this work. I know that this router is not wifi and it might not work. thanks for your help

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Your side of this network is clear to us, but we still need to know your friend's side, what do you mean by " some wifi nodes on a lighting pole" what is this stuff?


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"jon" hath wroth:

You'll need a wireless client adapter, wireless bridge client, or wireless game adapter. These go by many names but basically, they're a wireless bridge with an ethernet interface. Some wireless routers and wireless access points also have a client mode. Any of the following will function: Linksys WAP54G in client mode. Linksys WET54G in client mode. Linksys WAP54GP in client mode. Linksys WRT54G/GS with alternative firmware in client mode.

I'm not so sure about these game adapters but I think they'll work: Linksys WGA54G or WGA54AG The problem is whether they can bridge only one MAC address or if they can bridge more than one MAC address. Some game adapters only do one which will not "have it as part of my network" as you require.

Once you make a connection to your friends network, you have a new problem. You have more than one path to the internet. You have your DSL modem and you have your friends connection to the internet. You can have both running at the same time, but you need some way to control which one is used by your local traffic. This requires a routing protocol such as RIP or RIP2 and the cooperation of your friends router. I don't know if your Belkin F5D6231-4 can handle that.

There is also some question as to why you would want to "have it as part of my network" instead of just connecting to your friends network as an ordinary user (wireless client). You can do that with any of the previously mentioned hardware, in addition to a wide variety of PCI cards and USB dongles. Anything that acts as a wireless client will work. You won't have all your computers on your friends network at the same time, but you will be connected with at least one. If you absolutely must expose all your computer to your friends network, there is ICS (internet connection sharing) and various proxy server products, that will do this.

I realize that this is not a complete answer. That's because I have no idea what you mean by "have it as part of my network". Could you explain what you're trying to accoplish and what you expect the result to do?

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Jeff Liebermann

Ok, what I mean by a wifi node is like a radio control with a attena on top of the lighting pole. It is the same thing that google has setup in the city of Mountain view.

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