How do I switch between wireless adapters?


I have a situation where I need in a different location to use a USB wireless adapter. My Dell 6000 has some form of internal device (intel pro set wireless I think). This 100% fine for one of my locations, and I still want to retain this as the default device.

At the other location I need to use the USB device. Belkin 802.11g.

How do I force the lappy to use this and switch off the internal device. I did try by disabling the internal one with device manager, but the USB one did not switch on even though the device was showing in device manager as connected & working OK.

I am also using an application called Network Stumbler. This sees the USB device, but again it does not seem to be able to manage it.

What can I do?


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As for Netstumbler.. I doubt it supports your usb dongle properly.

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On 3 Jul 2006 15:51:38 -0700, "Biggles" wrote in :

What do you mean by "switch on?"

If the internal device is Intel, you should be able to use the Intel connection manager to switch it off. Or simply configure it not to connect in the other location.

Note that Windows normally uses the last Internet connection made, so if the USB wireless connection is made after any internal connection, it should be used by Windows.

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John Navas

Have you tried turning OFF the switch on the case for the internal? The dongle takes over... At least it does and works that way on my toshiba's, acer's, fuji's, and gateway...

Can't say for dell, I always heard they do things the most absurrd way a possible....

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