Intel wireless 2200BG Problems

Hello All, I have Intel wireless 2200BG wireless card in my Dell Inspiron 6000. Of late it does not recognize my wireless connection. Infact it picks all the connections in my area but refuses to recognize my wireless setup. I also have to state that sometime it works suddenly out of nowhere !!!! I have downloaded the latest drivers from Intel site(11.1 or something like that) This does not help. Is this a known issue and is there any workaround? Any pointers are appreciated.

B'Rgds Mahadev

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You may want to try changing the channel on your wap/router... from your saying it works sometime, I would suspect interference from something else on the same channel.. Sounds silly, but had it happen when the neighbor had a kid and got a baby monitor, the intermittant work/no work drove me nuts till I finally tried changing the channel (and supergluing the hair back in I had pulled out - unfortunately that didn't work so well)

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