Asus WL-600g as Accesspoint?

Hi all

Does anyone know if it is possible to disable the router function on subj. and only use it as an access point? I have a router from my ISP with an IP phone line in it which i need to use, and I dont like the thought of having two routers connected.

Any experiences ?

Regards Nikod

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I've done this a number of times:

1) Disconnect the router's WAN port 2) Disable DHCP on the router (if DHCP is being served elsewhere). 3) Plug cable that was going into WAN port into a LAN port. 4) Now wireless computers connecting to router will communicate with local lan to find gateway.


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NetSteady skrev:

Thanks, thats perfect. The router will then be the perfect Access point with network storage, switch and printer server in one :-)


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