Hotspot: can't get gateway IP with DHCP

DHCP leases IP but no gateway/DNS informations. but I'm connected.

I tried to put this informations manually with no success.


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So the hotspot DHCP server needs configuring correctly.

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David Taylor

___ hath wroth:

I'll assume Microsoft XP Home SP2 and some random laptop with some random wireless card, connecting to some random hot spot.

Try a different hot spot or wireless access point. The idea is to figure out if your laptop is screwed up, or if the hot spot is misconfigured.

I've seen behavior similar to this with:

  1. A broken AOL9 client which replaces the Windoze DHCP client with it's own.

  1. A broken Winsock on XP. I suggest running one of the XP Winsock fix utilities:
    formatting link
    formatting link
    sure to create a system restore point before using these.

You can also verify what the hot spot is actually sending you with:

formatting link
do NOT need an IP address for this to work as it uses broadcasts. If the DNS and gateway fields are blank, then the hot spot router has a problem. If they have valid addresses but your Windoze isn't picking them up, it's your problem.

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