dns relay(through dhcp)...

I have a cisco806 with 2 ethernet ports, (Ethernet1 is connected to the internet, Ethernet0 is connected to my LAN).

The router picks up everthing using DHCP, and passes everthing internally using DHCP.

But no-one,(not even the router itself), can connect to,(or even ping), either of the dns without adding the following 2 lines of code,(y.y.y.y is the ISP gateway):

ip route x.x.x.a y.y.y.y ip route x.x.x.b y.y.y.y

Why would this be?

fyi: I don't want to leave the ISP gateway in the configuration if possible.

Partial configuration follows: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! version 12.2 ! ip name-server x.x.x.a ip name-server x.x.x.b ip dhcp excluded-address ! ip dhcp pool main import all network default-router dns-server x.x.x.a ! no ip dhcp-client network-discovery ! interface Ethernet0 ip address no ip redirects ip nat inside no cdp enable ! interface Ethernet1 ip address dhcp no ip unreachables ip nat outside no cdp enable ! ip nat inside source list 101 interface Ethernet1 overload ip classless ip route x.x.x.a y.y.y.y ip route x.x.x.b y.y.y.y ! access-list 101 permit ip any no cdp run ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Default route ???

ip route dhcp


ip route y.y.y.y

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I don't have one.

fyi: Everything seems to work without one, and this way the dhcp seems to get the default route WITHOUT having to hard code it in.

However, the 2 dns IPs,(which again the dhcp picks up), seem to not route?!?!?!

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You want to have a default route !!!

The dns servers IP addresses could change at any point in time.

IMHO configuring static routes for the current dns servers is not a good idea

So configure a default route. remove the current static and confirm that you have connectivity by name...

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So post "show ip route" then. Do you perhaps have "no ip classless" configured?

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Martin Gallagher

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