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I have a Dlink wireless router in a bedroom. In my living room I want to but up a box(maybe a bridge or access point?) that will receive the wireless signal from my router but be able to hard wire 3 or 4 components into it. (PS3,HD dvd player,another computer ect.) Is there away? maybe a wireless hub or a hub plugged into an access point,not sure :confused:


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This is supposed to do the trick, for about $99:

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Netgear Print Server WGPS606

54 MBPS WIRELESS USB PRINT SERVER WITH 4-PORT SWITCH Connects up to four PCs to network without new wireless adapters

Some other print servers don't offer client device connection, some have one ethernet port.

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In theroy any device like this or even a game adapter hooked to another network switch would work, so long as it's capable of passing more than one mac address. You could do it with another $50 dollar router and DD-WRT even. Lots of options..


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Adair Winter

A game adapter probably won't pass more than 1 IP address even when connected to a switch. Since the OP has more than 1 device to connect, I wouldn't recommend a game adapter. What is needed is a wireless ethernet bridge like the Linksys WET200 which has multiple ports. It's pricey at about $100 but reliable. I took an old WRT54G (Linksys router) which I had and wasn't using and, as suggested, loaded DD-WRT (3rd party firmware) on it. Configured as a wireless bridge, it will connect multiple devices wirelessly to a wifi router. The cheaper router with 3rd party firmware is the most economical route but a lot of users aren't comfortable changing the firmware. Either way, what's needed here is a wireless bridge with multiple ports.

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"jch" hath wroth:

In general, you're correct. A game adapter is supposidly exactly the same as a wireless ethernet bridge. However, there seems to be a conspiracy among the manufacturers to remove the feature to use it as a transparent bridge. Some will pass more than one MAC address, some will not. See list at:

for a survey. Note that most game adapters will NOT bridge more than one MAC address.

To make things really complicated, some firmware versions break the ability to bridge more than one MAC address. For example, the DWL-2100AP only works with some firmware versions.

99% correct. You do NOT need the multiple ports. Just run a CAT5 cable from the single ethernet port on the bridge and run it to an ordinary ethernet switch. While two boxes are not exactly convenient, it does add a substantial number of additional devices that can be used.

There's a limit to the number of wireless devices that can be simultaneously bridged. Some of the really bottom of the line hardware (i.e. WAP11) will only do 32 MAC addresses.

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Jeff Liebermann

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