Belkin Pre-N Wireless - excellent basic wireless, POS for anything else?

Recently bought a Belkin Pre-N wireless combo (wireless router plus their pre-N PCMCIA card).

First of all, the combination (as well as the router with my exiting G PCMCIA cards) works fantastically well. range and throughput are through the roof compared with my Netgear G wireless router.

However, a desktop that I plugged into one of the Belkin's Ethernet ports (in other words, hard-wired, not wireless) drops the connection on a daily basis. A Netgear print server (PS111W) that I had used with the Netgear wireless G router for years with zero trouble cannot be made to work with the Belkin pre-n wireless router.

I even went so far as to buy a Brother network printer, but before I opened the box I decided to daisy chain the old Netgear G wireless router ahead of the Belkin router with all my Ethernet stuff plugged into the Netgear along with the Belkin pre-n router.

Result was that I can used the PS111W and printer again and I'll bet my dropped network connection problems with the hard-wired PC are over.

Contacted Belkin by e-mail about this and no answer after a week.

The Belkin pre-n should be sold as what it is an excellent wireless gateway and not a router. As a wireless gateway it excels, as a router, it sucks to high heaven.

- Geo

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