Help with WRT5G Wireless router networking (IRAQ)

Hello I am currently in Iraq and am having great difficulty with my wireless network. The network is set up as follows. We have a sattalite that goes straight into our cable modem. From the cable modem to A linksys WRT5G wireless router. From this wireless router i have 2 other wireless routers linking off of this one. I have the line from the cable modem to the internet port in the first wireless router. The lines going out of the first wireless router are going into port 1 in the other two wireless router. I have a static ip in the first router and it is setup as a gateway. The other two wireless routers are setup as DHCP and as routers under the advanced settings. Is this correct the correct settings and/or the correct way to wire them? The first router keeps restarting and stops transmitting a signal. I have changed routers so i know that it is not the router itself. I have no idea how to fix this problem and our internet is key for morale in the barracks..everyone relies on me as a gateway to family back home. If anyone could give me any suggestions as how to set it up correctly or perhaps improve the situation that would be awesome. Any help is appreciated. It seems that when the router is up it works ok..but will only work for 15 minutes top, before the wlan lite goes out..and it stops transmitting a signal...i am lost. Please help.

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More info please, cable modem make and model #, ISP, hardware versions and model numbers of all routers/WAPs on this network?

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The first (master) wireless router should probably be configured to get an IP address by DHCP from the cable modem, and should be configured as the sole DHCP server for your wireless clients.

The two other wireless routers (cascaded slaves) should be configured only as access points (so as not to conflict with the master wireless router).

If the cascaded slave wireless routers can't be configured as access points, turn off their DHCP servers, and connect them to the master router by their LAN ports, not their WAN ports (which is effectively the same thing).

All three wireless routers should be on different non-overlapping channels (1,

6, 11).

If you want wireless clients to roam over all three wireless routers, then set the same SSID and security in all of them.

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